Boswell High School Athletics

Creekview and Wayside Athletes of the Month


Creekview Middle School - Kaitlyn Bradshaw and Kingston Calhoun

Kaitlyn, an 8th grade student-athlete, embodies all the qualities of what it means to be a Creekview Colt. She demonstrates GRIT and integrity inside and outside of the classroom. Kaitlyn always has a positive attitude and gives 100% effort in all she does. Kaitlyn was a member of our Cross Country and Volleyball team, and she is currently on our Basketball team. Kaitlyn represents Creekview in all aspects and we are so happy she is a Colt!

Kingston was picked due to his hard work on and off the field. He is a model student-athlete and continues to lead by example in the classroom, hallways and on the court. 

Wayside Middle School - Grace Burdock and Mohammad D. Afzal

Grace Burdock is a "little" firecracker when it comes to sports. This year alone she has been involved in volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading. Grace always exudes great sportsmanship and is very encouraging to her teammates on the court. Although packed in a little body, don't let the size fool you. She is a great athlete, always ready to take on any challenge and we are proud to have her at Wayside!

Mohammad was a leader on and off the field throughout the month of November. During football season he finished with a strong game. He contained our opponent as an outside linebacker and had an interception during the game and scored a 15-yard running touchdown at the last game of the season. He is now a standout player on our basketball team. He encourages all of his teammates with his tireless efforts.


Creekview Middle School - Aubrie Hernandez and Jayden Valdez

Aubrie encompasses what it means to be a Creekview Colt. She demonstrates GRIT and integrity inside and outside of the classroom. During the volleyball season, she was always a leader on the team and stepped up. Aubrie represents Creekview in all aspects and we are so happy she is a Colt!

Jayden exemplifies what it means to be a multisport athlete at Creekview. He continues to be a valuable piece of the Colts football team, helping them to an undefeated record heading into week 8 while playing on both sides of the ball. He also has multiple Top 10 finishes in Cross Country as well as making it to the Meet of Champions! 

Wayside Middle School - Jillian Smith and Isaiah Wade

Jillian is an 8th grade athlete involved in many sports. Not only did she compete in cross-country, but she is also on the volleyball A team, the tennis team and a cheerleader! Jill always brings a smile to whatever she is doing, never complains, and is committed to everything she is involved in.  She is the epitome of doing "all the things" and we are proud to have her as an athlete at Wayside!

Isaiah demonstrates positive leadership for his team and around our campus. He is the QB for our football team who always motivates his teammates to do their best and never give up.


Creekview Middle School - Savanna Neighbors and Tyler Reyes

Savanna is an 8th grade student who plays multiple sports, including cross country, volleyball, basketball, track and plays softball outside of school. She embodies all the qualities of a student athlete and demonstrates what it means to be a Creekview Colt. Savanna always has a positive attitude and is a leader all throughout the campus. 

Tyler has an incredible work ethic. He is a leader in our athletics program and not only pushes himself but also all of his teammates. His accomplishments so far are multiple first place finishes in cross country for 8th grade and leading the football team to a 2-0 record so far this season. 

Wayside Middle School - Keylee Williams and Alexander Chladzynski

Alexander works hard and always has a great attitude.  He shows leadership both on and off the field and always strives to get better and help others around him to be better. He leads warmups each day, helps less experienced players and is encouraging for all his teammates. Alex is the #1 boys tennis players for Wayside and has yet to lose a match this year in singles or doubles. 

Keylee is one of the most dedicated and hard-working athletes at Wayside. Every day before practice, she works on her own to improve her skills in volleyball. She is constantly asking questions to get better and even takes notes whenever needed. She is the definition of an outstanding athlete!